A letter to the resistance

It’s the year 2021, welcome you made it, surprisingly. In many places in the world you’re just a part of a deep dark past, however where I live you’re still very present and your presence has impacted our lives in ways you couldn’t imagine. The problem is that you have been associated with a single party that is taking the whole blame for endorsing you (Well they named themselves after you), however you are much present everywhere. From the streets of Tripoli, to the suburbs of Beirut, to the Valleys of Beqaa, the south west and north border, passing by the coast of keserwan, the hills of Baabda or even the pillars of Baalbak. I can find you in the streets of Zgharta and feel your presence amongst the cedars of Bcharre, you are everywhere, and wherever I go, I stumble upon you. And how could I blame you? You were offered this position, it’s not like you came here and took it. In fact, you have promoters that remind us on a daily basis that you are here and spread the word of your presence all over our 10452km2. We live in an environment adequate to your flourishment, a place raided by war for 15 years and we both know how much you love war, it is your playground and where you prosper. You see, some promote you claiming you will get them to some promised lands. Others claim that you are the only way that their community won’t be ejected from its homeland. Some say that you are what we need the most at the moment to face the government and change it. There are also rumors that we need you to protect ourselves from one another. In brief, you can clearly see that you’re embedded in our culture, and we see you, feel your impact and succumb to your damages on a daily basis.

You are lucky, today more than ever people see an importance in your presence, even though we are on a literal sinking ship. Once again, you show us how good you are in prospering through despair and using chaos to make your way around us. Today you take some new appearances and more than ever, you make your presence felt. The country’s economy collapses, you divide it into small communities each one backed by one of your promoters instead of focusing on getting the whole country out of the crisis. We run short of oil, gas, kerosene, wheat, flour, medications, once again you come into play dividing the people all over again, and putting your promoter in a position of power whereas citizens in their “communes” have to starve, die of sickness or run out of gas if they do not acknowledge your presence. The capital is ravaged by a deadly blast, hundreds dead, thousands injured, hundreds of thousands displaced and there you are again. Your Muppets blamed one another and like usual helped their own people with no consideration for a greater common good.

Let us now go over what great achievements you brought to our country. I will first point the obvious, well a 15 years long civil war, three hundred thousand casualties and a forever-changed country. Now you did for some years convince us that you helped us prosper and lured us into thinking that this is what a decent country should look like. However, your Muppets which were the engineers of that fragile illusion were not able to keep it up for long enough and here came the collapse. We now have to see our parent’s lifelong savings trapped in a collapsing banking system, many of our cities caught on fire, and the situation worsens by the day. We tried to rally you to our side and use you to fight the ones claiming being your legitimate owners. In brief, we fought back, protested, wrote statements, mocked the Muppets and even had some great victories in small institutions. But you outsmarted us so easily, and how did we not see it coming. For 30 years your echo has been resurfacing on many occasions and mounting us over and over against one another. You were everything most of our people believed in, which led to a helpless case of surrender to your power. When the spark of an opposed force standing up to you sounded in the streets of our beloved nation, all your promoters reminded their brainwashed people of you and there we were again stuck between people hoping for change and others too scared to let go of you.

I am writing you this letter today asking for your help. For many years, you were the burden of this country but now I found a way in which you can be helpful. More than ever, we need you in these dangerous times. Let us use you to resist the oppression we are facing on a daily basis. Let us use you to restructure the banking system, call for a forensic audit, force the fugitives in charge of issuing a capital control law, and resist their attempts of draining our final resources into their vile pockets. An interesting fact: 1.7 million Lebanese people are now considered extremely poor, I want to do some math with you, let us divide 700 million by 1,7 million and then multiply it by 9000, you will get a generous number (3.7 million). That number doesn’t mean anything to you? Sure it does it is how much some of  the ones that promote you stole out of the mouth of their own people using you as an excuse to smuggle ressources. Join our side, be the spark that blows up the whole concept of division, sectarianism and religious discrimination. Do what you’re best at and help us resist the oppressors and free ourselves from them, all of them. We will be forever grateful now surely you will hear them begging you to stay because without you their existence is pointless. But I can assure you: If they leave us alone, s’ils nous laissent tranquilles, يتركوننا وشأننا, bizi yalnız bırakıyorlar, آنها ما را تنها می گذارند, elik wa3ed menne w mnel kell eno hayda el balad fyo mesta2bal w ma ha netraja3 la ekhir nafas aa charet nhat Lebnen awwalan. Thawra 3layon kelon.


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